NOW Toronto: “Will a successful album and new fans lead to a more permanent reunion?”


Now Toronto interviews Steven McDonald:

“I’ve met people in the past year who’ve told me the new album turned them on to Redd Kross, which of course is really exciting to us,” he enthuses, citing new label Merge as one reason for that attention.

In the spring, McDonald doubted that Redd Kross would become a full-time concern again, but there’s been a constant stream of activity, and upcoming plans include a performance at Jack White’s Third Man store to celebrate Record Store Day.

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San Diego Reader Jam Session with Steven McDonald

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.53.04 PMIt’s not often that you can chat with a 45-year-old who can relate tales about hanging out with the likes of Black Flag and The Descendents when both of those bands were in their infancy. That’s because Steve McDonald was practically an infant when his own band, Redd Kross, got their start in 1978. The kid was only in middle school! Besides playing bass in Redd Kross, McDonald also currently holds down the low-end for the ferocious Keith Morris-helmed hardcore outfit OFF!.


When Redd Kross went on the rocks in the late 90s, Steven went back to rock school in an effort to learn more about the technical aspects of recording music and also how to play like a pro. One unique feather in his cap is producing and engineering the first fun. album, Aim and Ignite. I caught up with McDonald last week via phone to chat about their upcoming show at The Casbah, the recording of their new album, life during band hiatus, and the possibility of a middle-class existence as a rock musician. We also chatted about past Redd Kross San Diego shows a bit, at which point he told me that it was at a concert in this very city circa 1997 that then drummer Brian Reitzell informed the band that he wanted to leave the group, an action that lead to a band hiatus which would last until 2006. Hopefully history chooses not to repeat itself this time around.

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L.A. Record Interviews Jeff & Steven in “REDD KROSS: THE HARD CANDY ASS”

L.A. MagazineSome bands are legends and some bands are entire civilizations—that’s Redd Kross, whose discography goes back to that first pre-cease-and-desist-call (always a promising sign) EP in 1981 and then zig-zags between the fringe and the front-and-center of American guitar music. I don’t know if Redd Kross have seen it all, but I think they might have heard it all, maybe even by the time they put out all-covers LP Teen Babes from Monsanto, and their newest Researching The Blues is the kind of record that reminds you why you even care about records in the first place.

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