Ramones founding member, and Redd Kross “Neurotica” producer Tommy (Erdelyi) Ramone passes away.

Tommy Ramone (nee Erdelyi) producing Redd Kross' Neurotica.

Tommy Ramone (nee Erdelyi) producing Redd Kross’ Neurotica.

We are saddened by the news that Tommy (Erdelyi) Ramone has passed away; and had hoped it was a hoax.

Aside from the huge inspiration The Ramones and their music had on Redd Kross – Tommy left an indelible mark on Redd Kross with his production of the now considered classic album “Neurotica”. He will be sorely missed, but his influence and spirit will live on with the Ramones music and legacy.

We are forever grateful to have had the opportunity of working with him.

Gabba Gabba Hey, Godspeed Tommy – thank you for all your wonderful contributions and hard work for music and pop culture.

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SF Examiner: Redd Kross in S.F. for New Year’s Eve – interview with Jeff McDonald

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 11.14.34 PMNew Year’s Eve will be unusual for Jeff McDonald from the campy Los Angeles rock combo Redd Kross. The band – which includes his brother Steven – plays The City with old chums The Melvins and Frightwig, backing their latest riff-fest, “Researching the Blues.” But it’s not exactly McDonad’s preference. Most holidays, he and his wife Charlotte Caffey (of Go Go’s renown) watch “Rocking New Year’s Eve” on TV. He says, “New Year’s is a holiday that I’ve basically given up on, because people have these really high expectations for good times and it’s basically a hooligan’s paradise.”

Click here to read the full interview.

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Bill Bartell Tribute Dec 19 : w/ The Germs / Redd Kross and other special guests

99-emdThu, December 19, 2013 8:00 pm

The Echoplex
Los Angeles, CA
$14.00 – $16.00

This event is 18 and over

Punk rock provocateur Bill Bartell (aka Pat Fear) has left for a tour of the beyond. His friends and favorite bands are gathering to pay memorial tribute with what united them in the first place- Music. Performances from The Germs,  with guest Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Go’s, Redd Kross,  and other special guests

Click here for full details.

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The Kevin Smith Movie Club Presents “Losers Take All” – featuring music by Redd Kross, Dinosaur Jr., Alex Chilton, Meat Puppets & More!



Losers Take All – In Theaters and On Demand October 25th!

Chosen by the man himself, the Kevin Smith Movie Club presents Losers Take All. “The Fingers,” are a punk-pop band stumbling and staggering their way from girls to gigs. The band is faced with the unlikely opportunity of committing the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll sin: selling out. However, they must choose between staying true to their indie roots or climbing into bed with mainstream, corporate rock.

With original music rivaling the best college radio rock of the 1980’s, as well as a soundtrack featuring the classic songs of Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, Minutemen, Guided by Voices, Black Flag, Meat Puppets, Mission of Burma, Bad Brains, Redd Kross, Minor Threat, The Descendents, Squirrel Bait, Zero Boys, The Lyres, Alex Chilton, Three Colors, Big Dipper, The Wipers, and David Porter, LOSERS TAKE ALL is a comedy about friends making music, as well as an unprecedented love letter to a seminal period of American indie rock…


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