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CD: Housed in a 4-panel digipak. Includes 12-page booklet with lyrics and photos.

LP: Includes lyrics printed on inner sleeve plus digital download.

Peak Vinyl: Limited-edition pressing on opaque purple vinyl. Same packaging as standard LP including download.

Also, check out our specially priced bundle which includes the album on both CD and Peak Vinyl plus an exclusive t-shirt with the Redd Kross logo in gold on a purple unisex Royal Apparel tee (size chart).

Beyond the Door can also be pre-ordered digitally or from participating independent record stores.


Redd Kross invite you to explore Beyond the Door, an album inspired by the band’s “total commitment to having the best f*cking time we can have while we’re all still here” (what they like to call “the Party”). It’s a rock and roll record and a celebration of everything brothers Jeff and Steven McDonald love, from cultures both high and low. Musically, it’s guitars, bass, and drums topped with a generous portion of sweet vocal melodies often delivered with an ambiguous edge.