KQED News on “Songs That Chargo Taught Us”

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 4.03.10 AMThe Side Eyes/Redd Kross, ‘Songs that Chargo Taught Us’ split single

Remember the good ol’ days when rock and punk were about rejecting your parents’ ways, ideally really ticking them off in the process? Well, kids today …

Take 21-year-old Astrid McDonald, singer in the L.A. punkish band the Side Eyes. Not only isn’t she railing against her mom, but on the band’s new vinyl-only single she sings a song written by her mom. Well, her mom happens to be Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Go’s. And the song the Side Eyes does here, “Don’t Talk to Me,” dates from when mom was around the age her daughter is now, back in the late ’70s when Caffey fronted a pre-Go-Go’s trio with drummer D.J. Bonebrake (soon of X) and guitarist Joe Ramirez (Black Randy & the Metro Squad). The name of that band? The Eyes. Yeah, even young McDonald’s band’s name pays homage to mater.

What’s more, the other side of the single is by the veteran L.A. power-punk band Redd Kross, which as you may have already realized features McDonald’s dad, Jeff McDonald, as well as her uncle, Steven. And what’s more more, the song they do is also an old Caffey composition, “Screaming,” a rare one from the very earliest days of the Go-Go’s, notable for the stinging guitar and brusque energy that came to mark Caffey’s famous band’s best work.

Together the songs are presented as “Songs that Chargo Taught Us,” “Chargo” being Caffey’s nickname. Both are sharp, spirited performances, given more meaning for being a deeply loving appreciation to McDonald’s mom and spouse, respectively. It’s wonderful. But seriously, is this any way to have youthful rebellion?




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LA WEEKLY “The 10 Best South Bay Punk Bands of All Time”

logo-1506. Redd Kross
Perhaps one of the most underrated and overlooked of South Bay punk bands is Redd Kross, which over the years evolved from hardcore punk to a more avant-garde, indie-rock form of alternative music. Hailing from the same city as The Beach Boys, Hawthorne, only a couple decades later (late ’70s), Redd Kross had a huge impact on L.A.’s early punk and later alternative and garage-rock scenes. Featuring brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald, the band has otherwise sported a revolving lineup of musicians; an early incarnation included guitarist Greg Hetson, who left to form Circle Jerks, and drummer Ron Reyes, who left to become the singer for Black Flag. The band’s first gig in 1980 was opening for Black Flag while they were teenagers. Redd Kross might not be the same band as when they started, but their influence looms large and they continue to perform and record to this day.

Read the full article here.

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ChargoIn The Red is over the moon to announce the release of this new split single by REDD KROSS and The SIDE EYES. REDD KROSS should need no introduction so we’ll just say that they are the finest purveyors of punk-glam-pop-metal in the world and one of the best band’s to come out of Los Angeles ever. Fronted by brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald, the band started out in the late 70’s LA punk scene when they were 12 and 15 years old! They’ve continued to record the entire time releasing one amazing record after another.

The Side Eyes are a brand new Los Angeles punk band fronted by Astrid McDonald, daughter of Jeff from Redd Kross and Charlotte Caffey (Go-Go’s). The Side Eyes are a ferocious young punk band whose sound recalls early punk bands like The Bags and Avengers and they play with a heaviness that would make Mudhoney or Fuzz proud. Their live shows are frantic, aggressive and incredible.

One this single both bands have recorded renditions of songs written by Charlotte “Chargo” Caffey back in her early punk rock days. The Side Eyes do “Don’t Talk To Me” originally recorded by Charlotte’s band The Eyes. Redd Kross tackle “Screaming” a very early Go-Go’s song. Both are incredible! You need this!

Limited edition blue vinyl!


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HOT ISSUE from REDD KROSS available Monday, June 6th 3 PM PST!

Set your alarm clocks for Monday, June 6th 3 PM PST!

That is when HOT ISSUE from REDD KROSS will become available while supplies last.

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HOT ISSUE will fill your Summer with a dozen turn of the century new digs and old finds recorded by Redd Kross in Hollywood between 1983-2007.

Limited to 500 copies on 12″ black licorice vinyl, each copy comes with a download card.

Mastered by Bill Inglot & Dave Schultz at d2 for optimal audio fidelity.

Full track list and cover art will be revealed on Monday! We hope you love it!



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Jeff McDonald Performs The Outrageous Incantations of Beatrice Winters – First Time on CD!


“Jeff McDonald Performs The Outrageous Incantations of Beatrice Winters”

For the very first time on CD.
Only one pressing will be made of this insane horror show of a record.
Looks like shrunken version of the LP.
For collectors only.

*This is not a pop vocal album*
Often compared to Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed.

*Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery*
*will scare children-proceed with caution.
Great for coven meetings and exorcisms .


One pressing to insure the rarity of this record
Redd Kross Fashion Records
Hot issue #2


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