Redd Kross “Third Eye” Pendants by Vicki Berndt Available Now!

HOT! Become a full fledged Faith Healer!

il_570xN.482438629_83twBerndt Offerings now has Redd Kross “Third Eye” pendants by the amazing Vicki Berndt.

Order your faves: Jeff, Steve, or Robert; or get the full set of 3 at a discounted price.

Click here for details or to order yours now.

These beautiful pendants feature reproductions of my original paintings from the Redd Kross Third Eye album. The frames are 2 inches (5cm) high. They come with three 24 inch (60cm) ball chains. The pendants are made from silver toned metal with a glass bubbles protecting the artwork. This is costume jewelry. Only our faith is real…

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