The Seattle Weekly interviews Jeff & Steven

Redd Kross have always been a band that should have been bigger. Musicians love them. Music critics too. But larger success has always eluded the L.A. power-pop group, despite releasing a pair of great records in the early ’90s. And for a time, it seemed like there might not be any more Redd Kross records. The band’s last album, Show World, was released in 1997 and the band had been pretty quiet, even if its members hadn’t. But alas, all that changed this year when the band released Researching the Blues, a straight ahead rock & roll record, and a return to form for the band, who have always been led by brothers Jeff and Steven McDonald. For the latest edition of Tell Me About That Album, we caught up with the pair to chat about the record, but the conversation turned to lots of other things too, like David Cassidy, Green River and the ghost of Johnny Ramone. Redd Kross play a free show at Chop Suey on Friday.

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Redd Kross