“Stay Away From Downtown” by Redd Kross up for Little Steven’s Underground Garage 2012 Listener’s Poll for “Coolest Song In The World”!

Hey everyone! Some exciting news here for all of us at Redd Kross.

Little Steven’s Underground Garage 2012 “Coolest Song In The World” listener’s poll has started, and we are thrilled to announce that Redd Kross’ “Stay Away From Downtown” has the honor of being on the list!

We’d love for you to vote for the song at: http://undergroundgarage.com/events/the-coolest-songs-in-the-world-2012.html

You can vote once per day, up until Dec. 28th, and each vote you cast allows you to enter a contest for a 4-night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana. (Must be 21 or older.) Voters will also be up for runner up prizes, including albums and cd’s from all the contenders.

 Watch & listen to “Stay Away From Downtown”:

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